Wireless Services is a Louisiana based licensed contractor with local offices in New Orleans and Gonzales. Wireless Services also have satellite offices in Atlanta,Georgia and Houston, Texas. Wireless Services specializes in in-building amplifier installs for enhancing cellular coverage but also offer a vast assortment of wireless communication services. Below is an overview of services Wireless Services offers.

In-Building Solutions (Turn-Key) Both active and/or passive in-building amplifier installs for enhanced cellular coverage
  • RF Surveys with Data Collection Capabilities
  • RF Design Surveys with RF Propagation Capabilities
  • Installation Services (Low voltage work)
  • Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance (performing service for over 6 years)
  • NOC  (National On-Call Center)
  • Wireless LAN
Outdoor DAS Installation and Maintenance
  • Medium Power Antenna System
  • Fiber Nodes
  • Antennas Located on Street Signs and Light Poles
BTS Radio Installation and Replacement

Tower Work
  • Line and Antenna Work
  • Site Modification and Improvements
  • Rooftop Installation and Improvements
  • Microwave Design and Installation
  • Maintenance and Repair
Cell Site Ground Work
  • Conduit and Ice Bridge Work
  • T1 Installation and Extension
  • Grounding
  • Equipment Shelter Installation
  • Equipment Platform Installation
  • Generator Installation and Repair
  • Hydrogen fuel cells installation and maintenance
Wireless Surveillance Cameras
  • Wireless mesh technology for ‘point to point’ and ‘point to multi-point’ applications